eMoMo won the honor of the national global leader in Guangdong Province's specialized, refined, new and main products


In 2020, Shenzhen issued the "Specialized, Specialized and New" Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Selection Method, to strengthen policy support, carry out precise services, continuously enhance the sense of enterprise gain, and guide more small and medium-sized enterprises to follow the "specialized, specialized and innovative" development path. Shenzhen has established a "specialized, refined and new" SME service alliance to build a "5+1" service system, involving six key service areas: policy services, manufacturing upgrades, capital empowerment, technological innovation, financing services, and corporate management. To provide professional and systematic high-quality services, to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is "specialized new"?

The Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Service Bureau believes that:

    "Specialized, refined and new" refers to the development characteristics of enterprises with specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty. By guiding small and medium-sized enterprises to specialize in new development, further stimulate the vitality and development momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises. And on the basis of specialized, specialized, and new small and medium-sized enterprises, in the fields of core basic components (components), key basic materials, advanced basic processes and industrial technology foundations, cultivate a group of outstanding main businesses, strong competitiveness and good growth potential. The specialization and new "little giant" led him to grow into a single champion of manufacturing.

"Professional": specialization (main business focuses on professional). The company focuses on core business and has the ability to specialize in production, service and cooperation. Its products and services are in an advantageous position in a certain link of the industrial chain, providing high-quality parts, components, and supporting facilities for large enterprises, large projects and industrial chains. products and supporting services.

"Fine": Refinement (fine and efficient operation and management). The operation and management of the enterprise is refined and efficient. It has established a refined and efficient system, process and system in its operation and management, and has realized refined production, refined management, refined service, and formed its core competitiveness. Its products or services are of excellent quality.

"Special": specialization (products and services are unique). For a specific market or specific consumer group, an enterprise develops and manufactures or provides unique products or services by using characteristic resources, traditional techniques, regional culture, or using unique techniques, technologies, formulas or special raw materials, which are unique and unique. , Exclusive production characteristics, strong influence and brand awareness.

"New": novelty (remarkable achievements in innovation ability). The enterprise's innovation ability has achieved remarkable results, has the ability to continuously innovate, and has achieved relatively obvious results. The enterprise's products or services belong to the new economy, new industrial field or new technology, new process, new idea, new model and other innovative achievements, and have independent intellectual property rights , with broad application prospects, high technical content or added value, significant economic and social benefits, and good development potential.

One hard work, one harvest, according to the "Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Selection Method", through the voluntary declaration of enterprises, the preliminary review and recommendation of the city's industry and information department, expert review, online publicity and other procedures , EMOMO TECH CO.,LTD was rated as "Specialized, Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium Enterprises in Guangdong Province" by Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology in 2020. It was awarded the enterprise honor of "the main products are in the leading position in the country and the world" in 2018-2020 by the Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Development Association. We are very proud and happy.

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EMOMO TECH CO.,LTD was founded in 2009. Since the establishment of the company, eMoMo has been committed to the R&D and production of smart furniture products. It is a well-known brand and advanced enterprise in the field of smart furniture industry. The main products include music massage, multi-functional cup holder, motor control Eight major product categories, including systems, multi-function tabletops, power supplies, thermal vibration massage, lighting and other accessories, are committed to providing better support for smart accessories for furniture companies. In the past three years, the company's main products have been in a leading position in the national and global rankings.

At present, the big health industry has become the future industry with the greatest development potential, and health service has become a major national cause related to the national economy and people's livelihood and the overall happiness index of the future society. eMoMo closely follows the pace of national development and health needs, launches the concept of "eMoMo Health", deeply cultivates the health industry, and further builds a professional and healthy lifestyle platform in the field of pan-health in the field of smart and comfortable furniture. And family health needs, become a new brand of big health.

"eMoMo Health" focuses on sub-health management, and has created a brand of Xiaofu hand massage, including acupoint massage pen, head massager, waist massager, etc.; it has launched the world's only beauty waist chair to meet the needs of sub-healthy people who exercise anytime, anywhere. It also cooperates with professional institutions to overcome a number of health science and technology achievements with significant curative effects, such as vibrating massage clothes, foot bath tubs, and light-sounding eye masks, and is committed to improving the health level of all human beings.

For eMoMo, the honors awarded by the organization are professional recognition and encouragement for the future. Only by focusing on the main business, driving innovation, and enhancing core competitiveness, can the development quality and level of eMoMo be continuously improved.

future us

It will give full play to the advantages of eMoMo in market competition, focus on multi-dimensional polishing such as technical process, management level, brand function, innovation ability, etc., to become an "invisible champion" in the segmented field, and grow into a "little giant" among small and medium-sized enterprises. .

Focus on foreign and domestic global markets, achieve sustainable development, transformation and upgrading, make use of advanced equipment and information technology, and at the same time give full play to the role of advanced talents. Establish professional strategic goals, take R&D and innovation as the orientation, continuously promote technological upgrades and product iterations in technology cultivation and practice, highlight significant market competitiveness in the same industry, and move towards the direction of industry leaders.