eMoMo Exhibition丨Grand opening, dazzling





The 47th International Furniture Ingredients Exhibition

On March 28th, the 47th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair Office Environment Exhibition and Equipment Ingredients Exhibition was grandly opened! At the same time, eMoMo technology is also in booth 15.1-J040, and it is successfully carried out. It is a great honor to participate in the world's leading, largest and most comprehensive high-quality furniture exhibition for more than ten consecutive years; this equipment and ingredients exhibition is the world's top, Asia's largest and most comprehensive professional flagship exhibition. On the first day, there were surging crowds and thousands of businessmen gathered to build a co-creation and sharing industry event.



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With the theme of technological innovation, eMoMo has set up several exhibition areas around new products, mainly motor exhibition area, accessories exhibition area, window exhibition area, film and television area, and accessories usage scene demonstration area. Under the epidemic, we have prepared masks and hand sanitizers for everyone, and on the premise of ensuring a healthy environment, we will show you the latest innovative research results.





The complete set of motor robot running applications attracted countless visitors to stop and appreciate. The C star in the audience was the cool robot. The robot uses a motor display with adjustable stroke, global invention patent, adjustable stroke, no trouble with iron frame error, 100% load-bearing aging test, 100% noise test.



Window Double Star: Legendary Buckle + Music Feet

The common feature of the two is that they are versatile.

The legendary buckle can be matched with the 5 products of the small vertical cabinet in the picture, namely the table board, the wine holder, the mobile phone holder, the reading light and the small fan. Other products that can be matched are still under development.

The versatility of music feet can be perfectly matched with high-footed furniture such as sofas and beds, with moving sound quality and high performance.

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Accessories display and applications are readily available, allowing you to experience the charm of smart furniture on the spot 


hot scene

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On the first day of the exhibition, the scene was hot and the grand occasion was unprecedented.

what are you waiting for! The show is still 3 days away!

It will be cloudy tomorrow and the temperature will be 23-32 degrees. It is comfortable to visit the exhibition hall.

eMoMo is waiting for you at J040, Hall 15.1, Area C, Canton Fair with joy and expectation.