eMoMo Exhibition丨Robot Diary

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Robot Readme

I still run tirelessly, and today is still the focus of Hall 15.1. In principle, as long as there is electricity, motor, and lubricating oil, I can wear the stars and wear the moon and never stop. My mission is to run, run, run... Life is in constant motion. Looking at the people coming and going at the exhibition, they either praised my burly, or envied my cool body, or were surprised that the super-long motor that supported my movement was so good. This is all thanks to the hard work of eMoMo colleagues in design and development.




Introduce my friends

The picture on the left is called the legendary buckle, and the picture on the right is called the music foot, which complement each other as the stars of the window. One is an auxiliary artifact, which can be matched with a table board, a wine glass, a small fan, a mobile phone holder, and a reading light, saving space and combining multiple functions to maximize its functions. One is a music artifact, which can be perfectly matched with any sofa, and the ultra-high sound quality can be controlled at will. After a tiring day, relax yourself, lie down on the soft sofa, listen to beautiful music, give you a healthy enjoyment on the physical and spiritual level, and heal your body and mind. You are welcome to come and have a look.

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A perfect day with all the stars

My colleagues squatted, stood or bent over and worked tirelessly all day to explain the products carefully to customers. The booth was full of new and old customers, one after another. There are still two days left for the exhibition. I hope we can meet you who are in harmony in the vast crowd, and join hands to draw intelligence, and our ingenuity will always surpass.

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